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Quick Hits: The Star Power Edition

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NHL: Detroit Red Wings at Tampa Bay Lightning Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

In Red Wings Land

Red Wings' Tomas Tatar calls relationship with Ken Holland 'excellent,' wants to stay in Detroit |

My initial reaction to the Tatar quotes from his native language interview that started the rumblings of “is there a rift between Tatar and Holland?” was that you always have to be careful of putting too much stock in those types of interviews.

Keeping in mind that these new quotes are also from the same type of interview, we have new information that the initial statements may have been overblown.

"Kenny Holland got me and my agent and excellent relationship," Tatar said in a roughly translated story. "Detroit gave me a chance to start in the NHL. I hope I can (wear a Red Wings) jersey continued and enhanced. Detroit is a great organization full of great people.

"Despite all the positives it is still a business and a similar decisions affected. The time will show. Everything is still quiet. It is still time to agree."

The story’s not over yet, and we could well see some more twists and turns before all is said and done.

Around the NHL

Star power in the NHL: Which teams have it, and how much does it take to win the Cup? | The Hockey News

I know that most people reading this don’t spend nearly as much time as I do on Hockey Twitter. (This is probably a good thing for you). Yesterday, Dom Luszczyszyn’s Twitter mentions were a dumpster fire in reaction to this article. Before you jump right to the comments, read the article, especially this part.

Now it’s time to see who fits where. Rather than using last year’s numbers, I used projected Game Score for 2017-18 to show what kind of top-end talent teams have going into next season. It’s what we’ve been using for playoff odds and last week’s off-season changes post, so this also works as a check and balance to see if the numbers themselves mostly make sense. While it won’t create a perfect list (no metric or human can), it should make for a reasonable estimate of the league landscape even if there are some disagreements about specific placements (even I don’t 100 percent agree with where some players land, so please don’t yell at me, thanks). It’s also important to remember this is just a projection and players can certainly play better or worse than their tier suggests. Without further adieu, here’s where each of the league’s stars ranks.

(Emphasis mine)

This article led to one of my recent favorite pastimes: Watching Dom dunk on Edmonton writer David Staples:

Enjoy your weekend, and LGRW!