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Quick Hits: The Welcome to the Doldrums Edition

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In Red Wings Land

2008 Playoffs: Detroit Red Wings Goals - awood40 on YouTube
There’s no Wings news right now, so here’s 30 minutes of all 72 goals scored by the Wings in the 2008 playoff run. It’s hard to pick a single favorite, but watching Johan Franzen absolutely clown the Avalanche while scoring nine goals in a four-game sweep is so much fun. That team made it look so easy against some tough competition. One thing to notice is how quickly they got their shots off and how well they made space. You can even see Brad Stuart dipsy-doodling with the puck in this video, setting up a goal in the process.

Around the League

Blue Jackets | NHL coaches' soaring pay a plus for John Tortorella - The Columbus Dispatch
It's kind of surprising to think how long it took for NHL coaching salaries to start climbing, but Mike Babcock's deal in Toronto is going to mean the Blue Jackets are going to have a pay a bunch of money to eventually fire John Tortorella because they've only got one year left on a deal where they were only paying $750K of his salary. If Torts can keep up the good feelings in Columbus for one more season, it could end up with a hilarious overpayment.