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Quick Hits: The Free Agent Frenzy Edition

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Pittsburgh Penguins v Washington Capitals - Game Five Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

In Red Wings Land

Custance: Breaking down the Trevor Daley contract with Red Wings – The Athletic

The Athletic Detroit is paywalled, but I’m going to make up for that for those of you who can’t read this by including an “Around the NHL” link with Detroit content. Also, can I just say how refreshing it is to have someone like Custance on the Red Wings beat?

If you want to have fun, look at Helene’s tweets reporting Red Wings news, then go back and look at Custance’s timeline about 15 minutes prior.

Here’s an excerpt from Custance’s article:

Being allowed to play his game is key for a player like Daley. He wasn’t a fit for Joel Quenneville in Chicago and Daley made sure to have a conversation with Red Wings coach Jeff Blashill about his role in Detroit before signing. The expectation is he’s going to see serious ice time on a Red Wings defense that needs a player like him.

“I love to get up the ice and I love to play a ton too,” Daley said on Saturday. “That definitely had a factor into the equation for sure. I still think I have a lot of hockey left in me.”

Around the NHL

Statistically Speaking: Analyzing free agent signings - Article - TSN

TSN’s Scott Cullen looks at the free agent signings from yesterday. The article is worth reading in full, but here’s what he says about Daley.

Daley, 33, has been part of Pittsburgh’s back-to-back Stanley Cup victories, but has had some up-and-down results when it comes to possession numbers. A look at shots against with Daley on the ice last season is ugly.

Going to Detroit, Daley is still likely to be an upgrade, because the Red Wings’ blueline is a problem area.

Detroit isn’t likely to be a contender in the next year or two and they’ve given Daley a three-year, $9.534-million deal ($3.178M cap hit).

Verdict: Daley isn’t likely to hurt the Red Wings, but what is the end game for Detroit giving 20 minutes a night to a defenceman in his mid-thirties?