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Quick Hits: The Arbitration Edition

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Detroit Red Wings v Toronto Maple Leafs Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

In Red Wings Land

He's cocky, says the Mrazek. He responds: Confidence is needed -
If you speak Czech, you'll probably do a better job of understanding this than those of us relying on Google Translate to tell us what Petr Mrazek told a reporter who set him up to fire back at MLive for the reporting about attitude issues last season. Mrazek has quite a bit to say about how if teammates and management had such a big problem with his attitude, they never confronted him about it.

I might also be reading into this a bit, but in the discussion about the tandem, Mrazek does seem like he's not entirely happy with that situation still. He also gets asked bluntly about soft goals and gives his answer on that topic.

Around the League

Flyers’ Shea Weber offer sheet fallout, five years later - Puck Daddy
A fun read looking back at one of the most-interesting offseason moves in the modern era for the NHL and the fallout of the last big offer sheet for an RFA. The funny thing that isn't mentioned here is that part of what drove Weber to sign that offer sheet was that the year prior, Nashville and Weber went through salary arbitration where Nashville insultingly lowballed the defenseman to the tune of a $4.75M ask (Weber was awarded $7.5M by the arbitrator).

The next season, while still an RFA, he got a huge offer sheet that the Preds took almost the maximum allowed time deciding to match.