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Quick Hits: The Quick Hittiest Edition

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Guelph Storm v Mississauga Steelheads

In Red Wings Land

Red Wings prospect Givani Smith 'a strong kid' who wins puck battles
Givani Smith is a promising kid in the mold of... is it bad I don't even want to say Justin Abdelkader because it feels like his contract has kind of ruined the expectation of a physical net-front forward? Screw it, I'll say it because that's still a useful player archetype. Smith is just 19 but already clocks in at 206 pounds on his 6'2" frame.

Red Wings director of player development Shawn Horcoff had some good things to say about his skillset and work ethic. There's also this quote which when taken out of context makes it sound bad:

“At times he gets too creative and gets away from doing what makes him successful,” Horcoff said. “He is really good at winning puck battles. We want him to take the puck to the net more, to get the puck to the net and then get his body there. We’re going to keep working on his hands to improve his scoring in tight spaces.”

“Too creative” as a bad thing just kind of bugs me, even if I understand and agree with the concept of what’s needed out of a player like Givani.

Around the League

NHL Off-Season Power Rankings: Who's improved most (so far)? -
Sportsnet looked at all 31 teams in terms of how well they've done so far in the offseason (not in terms of how strong they look heading into 2017-19) and the Wings aren't last! Of course you might not want to look at this list if you're still hung up on the "Yzerman in Tampa" thing... or the whole "Nill in Dallas" thing for that matter.

It’s a pretty defensible list overall; nothing terrible jumped out at me, even if it is sad looking at a few teams who are currently ranked as having a worse summer than the Wings and knowing those teams are still better than the Wings.