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Quick Hits: The Blashill Confidence Edition

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NHL: Detroit Red Wings at Washington Capitals Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

In Red Wings Land

Wings’ Blashill ‘100 percent’ confident of playoff return | The Detroit News
Gregg Krupa had a sit-down with Blashill and the Red Wings' coach talked bluntly about improving in the NHL, his defense, and the last two years' arbitration negotiations. Don't let the headline bug you, he doesn't really spend that much time talking about the team's chances of making the playoffs (and I don't think anybody would want a coach who would sit down with a reporter and say "I think we're going to stink" anyway).

Honestly, it's a decently promising sell from Blashill because it includes an admission that DeKeyser isn't capable of anchoring the first pair, which has basically been one of the team's biggest problems the last two years.

Around the League

Bettman's 'underserved by traditional media' comment eye-catching against backdrop of NHL skipping 2018 Winter Olympics | NHL | Sporting News
The guy who told ESPN to pound sand believes it’s unfair that the small-potatoes league in North America doesn’t get more coverage after settting up the next lockout over participation in the world’s biggest stage. While fans have to admit that Bettman has made NHL owners a lot of money in his tenure, the guy has absolutely no clue about how to promote this sport.