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Quick Hits - The Jimmy’s The Starter* Edition

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NHL: New Jersey Devils at Detroit Red Wings Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

In Red Wings Land

Red Wings would like Jimmy Howard to play 50-55 games | ProHockeyTalk
Apparently the Red Wings have decided that Jimmy Howard will be the starting goalie for the upcoming season. Gotcha! The title is a bit misleading but it looks like the quote from goalie coach Jeff Salajko is suggesting that if Coreau has to serve as the backup, the Wings would want Howard to play 50-55 games. Leave it to NBC to get us all riled up in the summer

Around the NHL

How much confidence do you have in your team's front office? Have your say | The Hockey News
Don't worry everyone, I went ahead and filled this out for the Red Wings' fan base. I gave Ken Holland strong marks for roster building and cap management and thought his vision for the team is remarkable. I kid, I kid. But if you want to have a voice, fill out the survey and look for the results next week!