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Quick Hits: The Gordie Howe Legend Edition

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In Red Wings Land

Gordie Howe Got Things Done
"During his vintage years, you seldom noticed the flash of elbows, only the debris they left behind. He never seemed that fast, but somehow he got there first. He didn’t wind up to shoot, like so many of today’s golfers, but next time the goalie dared to peek, the puck was behind him." What a quote about Gordie Howe. This was a great piece on Howe so grab a cup of coffee and give it a read.

Around the League

McDavid disappointed at NHL decision to skip Olympics - The Washington Post
Welp, the league's best player has gone on record saying that he's dissatisfied with the NHL's decision to skip the Olympics. Conveniently, the NHL reportedly has a backup schedule with a built-in "Olympic" break so if more players come out voicing their displeasure, the NHL may face serious pressure to adopt the backup schedule.