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WIIM Radio Mailbag: The Still-Work-to-Do Edition

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Christmas Florida Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Welcome to another WIIM Radio Mailbag! We’re going to be recording a “finally July is over/holy crap August is even worse” episode tonight talking all things Wings. Here’s a quick topic rundown:

The Tomas Tatar Deal: The Wings went all the way through an arbitration hearing before signing Tatar to a four-year, $5.3M AAV contract. We’ll discuss how we got here, the deal, how Tatar fits into the Wings, and where we go from this point forward.

The Goaltending Situation: The Wings are still spending over $9M on a goaltending tandem it doesn’t seem they want and have filled in kind of a logjam behind them. We’ll explore whether the recent signing of Pat Nagle has literally any effect on things, or if it can at least be read into for things to come.

The Athanasiou Situation: As the one of two yet-unsigned RFAs (as of this posting) who should be with the big club for the entire season in his own position’s version of a top-six role, the waiting game on Andreas Athanasiou is making me antsy. Hopefully talking those feelings out will help.

The Roster/Cap/Vanek: Detroit’s going to have to make room, but Thomas Vanek also remains unsigned and attached to rumors for the Wings. How’s all that going to play out?

Around the League: Montreal is doing weird stuff, the recent CTE study in football seems rather damning, and the backup Olympic plan are all topics we might touch on in this one.

Reader Questions: Here’s where you come in - submit your questions about anything in the comments below and we’ll go over them with at least a medium-tooth comb.

The plan is to have the episode up early tomorrow morning. We’ll be recording late tonight, so get your questions in and LGRW!