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Quick Hits: The “F” In Fraser Is For Fighting Edition

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In Red Wings’ Land

Red Wings prospect Cole Fraser was 2nd in OHL with five fights last season |
What can I say, y'all? It's a slow news cycle. I don't really know why this is even newsworthy. This is actually 100% an entirely useless statement that has zero correlation to how this player will perform in the NHL if he ever makes the NHL. But yea, this is what y'all have for Red Wings news so we've gotta deal with it

Around The League

Johansen signs eight-year, $64 million contract with Predators
One of the last big free agents is now off the market. Ryan Johansen signed a new eight-year, $64 million deal with the Predators. Is Johansen good? You betcha. Is he worth $8 million a year? Probably not. Is he worth $8 million/year for 8 years? Definitely not. Hopefully this doesn't affect Nashville's ability to re-sign Kevin Fiala and Ryan Ellis in the coming years. But Nashville's got Mattias Ekholm, Roman Josi, Viktor Arvidsson, and Filip Forsberg on excellent, team-friendly deals so they should be fine.