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Quick Hits: The Prospect Showcase Edition

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In Red Wings’ Land

Trending: Detroit's prospects take the ice in WJ Summer Showcase
A few of the Red Wings' 2017 draft picks were in action yesterday at the World Junior Summer Showcase. Arthur Regner recaps the performances of Keith Petruzzelli, Kasper Kotkansalo, and Gustav Lindstrom. Kotkansalo scored a goal, Lindstrom tallied an assist, and Petruzzelli stopped 18 of 21 shots he faced. Of the three, I am highest on Petruzzelli but I'm open to having my mind changed by the other two players.

Around the League

Stars add 2018 NHL Draft to 25th anniversary celebration
The 2018 NHL Draft was awarded to the city of Dallas as the Stars celebrate their 25-year anniversary. When Little Caesars Arena was first announced, there were discussions about bringing high profile events to the arena quickly. Hopefully that means that LCA is on deck to receive the 2019 Draft or an upcoming NHL All-Star Game.

Bonus Article (Hard Paywall)

Dellow: What draft history teaches us about Red Wings rebuild strategy – The Athletic (Hard Paywall)
Bonus article - Tyler Dellow discusses a lot of what we've kicked around here at Winging It In Motown - how can the Wings justify a "reload" over a "rebuild". Dellow makes a couple of good points, namely that the change to the draft lottery has dramatically reduced the probability of landing a top-two pick, even if you finish in the bottom-five of the league. However, Dellow also discusses the Wings' insistence on spending to the cap and how they're likely to hit "rock bottom" in the coming years which may trigger the full rebuild.