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Quick Hits: The Mismanaged Into Oblivion Edition

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Detroit Red Wings v Toronto Maple Leafs Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

In Red Wings Land

NHL no-trade clauses are infuriating, but details matter

Yahoo’s Greg Wyshynski’s take on the Red Wings “comical” amount no-trade clauses that Ken Holland has handed out to a “pedestrian roster” over the last few season.

The Red Wings have 10 players with no-trade clauses, tied for most in the NHL. Seven of them are attached to players over 30. All of them were handed out by GM Ken Holland, either to bait the hook for free agents or to help bring down the price for the players the Red Wings re-signed.

It’s hard to argue against Wyshynski’s assessment of Detroit’s numerous no-trade clauses, something that could very well haunt the Red Wings in years to come.

Around The League

Report: Panthers told Jaromir Jagr they would offer a new contract, then didn't -

It seems as if the Florida Panthers may have reneged on a contract offer to Jaromir Jagr sometime this summer. An inside source within the organization claims the Panthers told Jagr they would be prepared to offer him a contract for the 2017-18 NHL season after the expansion draft. Jagr, who turns 46 in February, is currently still seeking an NHL deal for the upcoming season.