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WIIM Radio Mailbag: The Not-So-Free Agents Edition

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Inside The Brent Delta Oil Rig Photo by Ian Forsyth/Getty Images

Howdy folks and welcome to another WIIM Radio mailbag! We'll be recording a new episode tonight with the plan being that we'll have it up and posted for your listening pleasure tomorrow morning (Friday the 7th). Here's the rundown of what we'll be going over.

The State of the Wings - After the free agency period, where do the Wings stand in terms of roster construction and what still needs to be done? How will they fit everybody into the roster and what's it going to look like with Tomas Tatar and Andreas Athanasiou still needing deals which should cost more than the Wings have in space right now?

The Future of the Wings - There's a lot of disappointment with the way the Wings are running things that indicates they're not tearing things down for a rebuild; we'll go over the outlook for this plan.

Around the League - Connor McDavid has a new contract, Todd Nelson might still be leaving for Arizona, Vegas looks committed to a tank already, and Colorado added yet another #1 overall pick to their roster. How are things looking prior to the 2020 lockout?

Positivity Corner - Here we'll take a moment to reflect on the things in life that don't make us long for the sweet release of meteoric apocalypse.

Reader Questions - Yours and my favorite part of the whole show! We need you to put your best questions in the comments below for us to read and probably butcher the pronunciation of your username. If we haven't already covered the topic to death, we'll give you the answer you need and deserve.

Recording starts later tonight, so get your questions in. Thanks and LGRW!