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Quick Hits: The Off-Ice Pros Edition

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NHL: NHL Draft David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

In Red Wings Land

Red Wings development camp about much more than what happens on ice

The Red Wings annual development camp is underway in Traverse City. Contrary to some beliefs, the camp is more focused on developing Detroit’s prospects off-ice skills rather than evaluating actual playing abilities.

“My philosophy is there is so much more to becoming a pro than what happens on the ice,” Wings director of player development Shawn Horcoff told the Free Press. “Of course, we are going to watch the kids skate, but it is not an evaluation.”

45 players will be attending the camp July 7-11, including all 11 of the Red Wings’ 2017 draft picks.

Around The League

Kevin Klein Officially Retires from the NHL - Blueshirt Banter

Veteran defender Kevin Klein is officially calling it quits in the NHL. A longtime member of the Nashville Predators, Klein became a integral part of the New York Rangers’ blue-line over the last few seasons before suffering from recent back issues. Our Rangers’ affiliate over at Blueshirt Banter suggest that Klein may be looking at a career in Europe.

What was first reported in the New York Post earlier this month, is now confirmed. Kevin Klein is retiring from the NHL. The most likely path for the 32-year-old defenseman moving forward appears to be a career in Europe.