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Quick Hits: The Overcoaching Edition

Montreal Canadiens v Detroit Red Wings Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

In Red Wings Land

Red Wings outlook: Dylan Larkin better prepared for center role |

For Red Wings articles, I was able to find two player profiles, one by HSJ, one by Khan. I chose the latter. You’re welcome.

Zetterberg is expected to remain the top-line center, so playing on the second or third line should help Larkin with the transition, where he's not going up against the best players all the time. Larkin flourished the first half of his rookie season on Zetterberg's wing; he must find a way to thrive without the captain.

He has tremendous speed, which he often uses to circle the perimeter looking for an opportunity. Adding strength should help him be more effective on the inside.

While Larkin’s “tours of the offensive zone” sometimes lead to good chances, it seems to me that they are predictable. I think part of what held back Larkin last year was that players were ready for what he was going to do.

I want to see him continue to use his speed, but add more offensive zone moves to his repertoire. If the opposing team doesn’t know what to expect, those loop backs will become more effective.

Around the NHL

Theo Fleury says over-coaching has taken individuality out of NHL -

I thought this was an interesting topic for discussion, especially during the August NHL lull.

The headline basically says it all. How much is coaching taking away from the potential excitement of the game? Is there a happy medium?

Unfortunately, that same mix of skill, unbridled emotion, and unpredictability is a rarity in today’s game, according to Fleury.

“The game is wayyy, wayyy too over-coached,” Fleury said to Sharp magazine’s Dave McCarthy on Wednesday. “It’s almost like coaches are playing Xbox with these guys. IPads on every bench now. It really takes individuality out of the game.”

The league still has a few characters who call back to that bygone era, according to Fleury, but they’re certainly tougher to find.