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Fer Sure Mailbag: Episode 4 - Carolyn Wilke

Scrutineers Start Counting Postal Votes As Australia Waits On Election Outcome Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images

We are getting ready to record Episode 4 of our new NHL podcast “Fer Sure: A 200 Foot Podcast.” If you missed the last episode, you can catch up here.

Please remember that our podcast is dedicated to the entire NHL and that we may not get to all (or any) of the questions. We will certainly try!

If you want to ask questions for our guest, we may use some of those when we talk to her. Our guest for this episode will be Carolyn Wilke, the director of social media for and contributor to Hockey-Graphs as well as the former managing editor for FanRag Sports’ NHL coverage. She left that position to work for a company that makes educational robot toys (we’ll be sure to ask her about that), but she still contributes to FRS. Her team is the Dallas Stars, so feel free to ask her questions about Dallas, the NHL, pretty much anything.

We plan to record the interview with Carolyn Saturday around 8pm, so consider that your deadline for questions for her. We plan to record the rest of the show Friday (today) at 1pm, so please get those questions in ASAP.

You can also tweet questions to us here.

Look for Episode 4 in your podcast feeds and this website Monday morning.

Thanks so much for the support so far. We will continue our string of fantastic guests next episode, but I’m going to wait until it’s officially booked to announce who it is.