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Quick Hits: The I-Wanted-to-Use-This-Picture Edition

Los Angeles Dodgers v Detroit Tigers Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images

In Red Wings Land

Details for Little Caesars Arena preview week announced |
This is pure PR and Kid Rock opening the LCA annoys me to no end, but that shouldn't stop me from sharing a bunch of what should be pretty cool events for the Wings' new digs coming up, especially the Hockeytown 5K and the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Around the League

Matt Duchene trade talks are ‘quiet on all fronts’ for the Colorado Avalanche -
This story allows for something that hasn't happened for me in a very long time: I actually feel kind of sorry for an Avalanche player. Matt Duchene is a happy little fartwagon and blah blah blah he's hard to hate I guess, but the little shit did grow up a super Avs fan, so he's obviously not that nice a person; however, can you imagine the heartbreak of being wrenched through a situation in where the goalie you grew up loving abandoned your team in a snit and then the captain of your childhood faves jerked you around as your GM while you're trying to make the team you love back into a contender? It's got to suck.