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Quick Hits: The Sticky Edition

2017 NCAA Div I Men's Ice Hockey Championships Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

In Red Wings Land

Stick to sports, huh? Athletes can’t be muzzled in midst of civil unrest -
Shawn Windsor talks about the stupidity of the "stick to sports" argument in regards to the recent problems with white supremacists and what he calls the "jolt" to the Red Wings, but doesn't really go any more in-depth in regards to how incredibly white and insulated hockey is when mostly talking about the issue in regards to football and basketball. We know the Red Wings players (specifically the Americans) are likely never going to be asked about this topic and so never have to worry about accidentally setting off the firestorm that is pissing off white supremacists and the tacit support they enjoy from the stick-to-sports crowd, but Windsor is right that there’s absolutely no reason they should be required to not talk about it.

Around the League

Draft Dodging: The NHL Needs To Fix Prospect Free Agency Rules - Defending Big D
Derek Neumeier argues that players waiting until they're done with college and then using the four years they've spent developing after being randomly assigned a team by the draft to become free agents is a bad thing and wants it so that apparently teams cannot lose out on a player they draft because somehow Will Butcher hurts parity as a 5th-rounder. (He's also technically wrong when he says restricted free agents can't negotiate with other clubs before saying they can sign offer sheets... which only come after negotiations). It's been a while since I've so vehemently disagreed with an article I thought was pretty well-written, so that's fun at least.