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Quick Hits: The Ho-Sang Can you See? Edition

New York Islanders v New Jersey Devils Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

In Red Wings Land

Detroit Red Wings Trade History: Best and Worst Trades of All-Time | Last Word on Hockey
Pretty fun read looking back on the best and worst trades of all time for the Wings. I especially like how there are a lot of honorable mentions in the article because I was halfway through reading the best before my mind started wandering to a different trade and it helped calm me that it got mentioned at least. Only problem I have with this article is the author calls them "the wheeled wings" which just kind of annoys me.

Around the League

Portrait of an Artist: Ho-Sang talks training, Tavares, Twitter and... - Lighthouse Hockey
Ho-Sang is really easy to root for in the same vein as PK Subban is really easy to root for. He's got a refreshing kind of honesty and earnestness to him. It's possible that he's just full of shit, but I'm not out anything giving him the benefit of the doubt if it turns out he is. At the very least it'll be entertaining.