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WIIM Radio Mailbag: The “Can’t Anything be Easy?” Edition

The Postal Museum Opens Featuring A Kilometre Long Train Ride Attraction Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images

Welcome to another WIIM Radio Mailbag! It’s August, so there isn’t a ton to talk about, but one topic shot to the top of the fan interest list in the last few days. Here’s a quick topic rundown:

The Athanasiou Situation (Again): Last episode, we talked about how this was playing out. Since then....we’ve got information man! New shit has come to light!

Let’s hope this situation resolves itself in an easier manner than The Dude’s situation in The Big Lebowski.

Prospect Tournament: The Red Wings will join 7 other teams in a prospect tournament from September 8th through the 12th in Traverse City, Michigan.

LCA Opening: We are getting closer and closer to the opening of the new home of the Red Wings.

Season Expectations / Excitement Level: What are we expecting from the team this year, and how are we feeling going into the season?

Reader Questions: You ask, we answer.

The plan is to have the episode up early tomorrow morning. We’ll be recording late tonight, so get your questions in and LGRW!