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Quick Hits: the are Euclidean me? Edition

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Behind The Scenes At CERN The European Organisation For Nuclear Research Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

In Red Wings Land

Examining which NHL players are most similar to current Red Wings – The Athletic (NOT PAYWALLED)
Our own Prashanth does fancy math on already fancy stats to look at how similar players' seasons are to one another using the GAR model. It's a really interesting look at the context of what kind of performances we got out of some of our players last year within the models. Even better, it's not behind a paywall so I don't have to include it as a bonus link.

Around the League

Yahoo Fantasy Hockey top 50 players for 2017-18 - Puck Daddy
I would probably enjoy fantasy hockey if I played it but I don't play it because I'm old enough to remember when the xzibit meme was still alive to make jokes about putting hobbies in your hobbies so you can hobby while you hobby. I've also seen it turn plenty of perfectly rational and likable hockey fans into weird self-promoting braggarts in regards to hoping for outcomes from players who I hate just because it'll help their dumb pretend hockey team. Anyway, here's a list of a bunch of players I don't give a shit about who you can root for while you're looking for some way to have fun during this Red Wings season.