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Quick Hits: The PTO Edition

San Jose Sharks v Toronto Maple Leafs

In Red Wings Land

Red Wings Look Set to Offer David Booth a PTO

There’s no article for this yet, but Craig Custance reports that David Booth is expected to come to Red Wings camp as a PTO (professional tryout).

If you have a subscription to The Athletic, you can read the article, but that section is literally three sentences.

It’s important to understand that this doesn’t really mean anything in terms of the Red Wings roster after training camp. It seems highly unlikely that Detroit is looking to bring him onto the team in any capacity.

Booth was born and raised in South Detroit....sorry. I just mean Detroit. This likely works for both parties as Detroit will need players for the pre-season games, since there are rules that a certain number of veterans have to play in each pre-season game. Booth wants to show an NHL team that he can still play.

It’s a protection for Detroit if AA isn’t signed by the pre-season games in terms of having a player that counts as a veteran. I think out of all the players Detroit could sign, David Booth is near the bottom of the list.

Other than his stats of late, one can’t ignore Booth’s concussion history. Mike Richards’ hit on him in 2009 was one of the major factors in the league taking a closer look (or at least pretending to) at hits to the head.

Booth has suffered more concussion since this one, and his head injury history makes even inviting him on a PTO questionable.

So yeah, it’s a story, but it won’t have any consequence for this year’s Red Wings.

(If I’m wrong, you can come and tell me. You’ll recognize me as the guy on his way to Detroit with every pitchfork he can find on the way).

Around the NHL

Nine NHLers most likely to spend entire career with one team -

When I saw this article, I immediately thought of Henrik Zetterberg. Sure enough, he’s on the list. The rest of the article is interesting too. This was prompted by Shane Doan’s official retirement on Wednesday.

Arizona Coyotes captain Shane Doan officially announced his retirement from the NHL on Wednesday.

He leaves a legacy of leadership, sportsmanship and loyalty at the rink, having played all 21 of his NHL seasons with the same organization — a rarity in today’s NHL as cap concerns, Cup-chasing and rebuilds often result in a player donning a new sweater.

That got us thinking about which current players might fall into the one-team category, along with Doan. Here’s a look at nine stars whose loyalty could see them play out the rest of their careers with a single franchise.

Extra Bonus Super Happy Fun Time

The Red Wings posted some pictures of more of the outside of the Little Caesars Arena. I’m a big fan of the new additions: