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Quick Hits: The Abby Bounce Back (?) Edition

Montreal Canadiens v Detroit Red Wings Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

In Red Wings Land

Detroit Red Wings analysis: Justin Abdelkader could bounce back

Unfortunately, there’s not too much Red Wings news this time of year, so here’s some Helene St. James “analysis.” Sample:

Abdelkader benefited from playing with as skilled a set-up guy as Datsyuk, but even with Datsyuk gone, Abdelkader needs to bear down and find ways to score more goals.

Not too much here, but we can use it as a springboard to a discussion.

Do you think Abdelkader can bounce back to, if not make his contract worth it, at least not make it look AS terrible?

Around the NHL

NHL: Players under contract in minors can't go to Olympics

Well, that answers that. NHL Deputy Commissioner and human-shaped black hole for fun Bill Daly confirmed that the determination for a player being eligible for the Winter Olympics in 2018 is his contract, not the league in which he currently plays.

Players with NHL contracts, even those in the minors, will not be allowed to participate in the Winter Olympics next February.

Since many AHL players are on two-way contracts, that eliminates a rather large pool of AHL players from being able to play in South Korea.