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Quick Hits: The Plan? What Plan? Edition

NHL: NHL Draft David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

In Red Wings Land

Red Wings reveal off-season focus in final episode of mini-doc series

I haven’t had a chance to watch this, but it sounds interesting.

The Detroit Red Wings will focus on moving past their failures.

That was the premise of the final part of the six-episode mini-documentary series, "The Final Farewell," the team released online last week, and it was something their coach and players wanted fans to know they're working on this off-season.

Here’s a direct link to all of the parts of the mini-doc. They are out of order (at least for me), but it looks like all the parts are here.

Around the NHL

What We Learned: Does Vegas actually have a plan? | Puck Daddy

The Expansion Draft has come and gone, and Vegas appears to have a bit of a sticky situation:

But in getting Schmidt locked in for two more seasons at a reasonable rate, George McPhee also quickly ran into another problem, and it’s one that should have been evident to any observer the night of the expansion draft:

Vegas has too many NHL-level defensemen.

Currently, the team has more than $20.8 million committed to — get this — 11 defensemen. In a given NHL season, you need about seven or eight. So that’s a few too many.

Defensemen typically have more value than forwards, so taking extra defensemen made sense, but there is a chance that Vegas miscalculated and will now have to sell off some blueliners for less than market value.