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Fer Sure Mailbag: Episode 5 - Alan (@loserpoints)

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The Postal Museum Opens Featuring A Kilometre Long Train Ride Attraction Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images

We are getting ready to record Episode 5 of our NHL podcast “Fer Sure: A 200 Foot Podcast.” If you missed the last episode, you can catch up here.

Please remember that our podcast is dedicated to the entire NHL and that we may not get to all (or any) of the questions. We will certainly try!

If you want to ask questions for our guest, we may use some of those when we talk to him. Our guest for this episode will be Alan aka @loserpoints. If you are on Twitter, and you are into hockey but don’t follow Alan already, you are missing out. Here’s his bio from Hockey Graphs:

Alan is a hockey fan who got into analytics to try to better understand his favorite team, the Tampa Bay Lightning. Since getting involved, he has helped track games for the passing project. He also did some of the initial work in establishing the basis for dangerous shot contributions based on the passing project data. He does league wide analysis and data visualization at Hockey Graphs and Lightning focused work at Raw Charge. When he’s not messing around with pictures of hockey data, he works in Florida with only finest locally sourced artisanal data sets. You can find him on Twitter @loserpoints occasionally tweeting out hockey charts but mostly making dumb jokes.

Alan writes about Tampa Bay at Raw Charge, but he also covers the entire league, so you have a wide range of question topics to choose from.

We plan to record the interview with Alan Sunday around 6:30 pm, so consider that your deadline for questions for him. We plan to record the rest of the show Friday (today) at 1pm, so please get those questions in ASAP.

You can also tweet questions to us here.

Look for Episode 5 in your podcast feeds and this website Monday morning.

Thanks again for all the support so far!