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My Friends...We’ve Come Home - Little Caesars Arena Tour

I Can See My House From Here
Jay Tuohey

Upon walking towards this new monument to Hockeytown, I was reminded of the immortal words of Leonard“Bones” McCoy from The Voyage Home: “The bureaucratic mentality is the only constant in the universe. We’ll get a freighter.”

After being treated to the highest of highs in the hockey world for the last 25 years, getting a new building seemed too good to be true. No way we would get a top flight arena, we were too good for too long, we’ll get some middling stadium that will suit a sort of rebuild of this historic franchise. The universe was gonna level us out big time.

However, after spending 4 hours roaming the concourse, stairwells, clubs, sections, gondolas, suites, and bathrooms (!!!!), I am now reminded of James T. Kirk’s words shortly after McCoys: “My Friends...We’ve Come Home.”

Please enjoy this video tour of our new digs. I had a ton of fun getting a look at this place and can’t wait for you all to experience it in person. SHORT PSA: We are spoiled now with escalators and elevators. So reminder: LET PEOPLE OFF BEFORE YOU GET ON. The Social Contract on this is pretty clear, please follow it. Go Wings!