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Quick Hits: The Pound Sign Edition

NHL: New York Rangers at Calgary Flames Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

In Red Wings Land

Training Camp Jersey Number Stuff – DetroitHockey.Net
Clark is a jersey number hawk (among other things) and takes note of interesting changes for the Wings in terms of who is taking which numbers. If you're looking for the new Dan Cleary, you can't go wrong with Ben Street taking #11, to be sure.

Around the League

Calgary Arena Deal Is Dead - Matchsticks and Gasoline
I'm just sitting here in my new gigantic glass house paid for in large part by public funding and casting stones Calgary's way in terms of the kind of hardball the Flames' owners (and Gary Bettman) are trying to play with the love of a hockey-mad city like Calgary. With Seattle committing to a brand new arena, it'll make a good jealousy date for a while for owners looking to play their own cities for money (much like the Penguins did to Kansas City when they threatened relocation). We'll see how it plays out.


Traverse City Prospect Tournament 2017 - Thoughts on players - Winging It In Motown Fanposts
swarlordstrom put this post in our Fanpost section and I wanted to point it out for discussion. We'll have our own takes up, but this is a good place to start the convo.