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WIIM Radio Mailbag: The Training Camp Edition

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Hey everybody! We’ve got a new WIIM Radio recording tonight and, as is tradition around these parts, that means we also have a new mailbag for you to help us out with. Here’s the topic rundown:

The Prospects Tourney/Training Camp - Taking 6th for the kids wasn’t great, but we’ll go over what we saw and what it means leading into main camp starting this weekend.

The Season Outlook - While we’re getting ready for camp to start up, we’ll talk about what we’re looking for from the guys expected to actually make the team and how it’s looking going into the season.

Sheahan/Athanasiou - It seems as though these two are intertwined right now in terms of the plan with the former still in trade rumors as part of the space that needs to be made for the latter.

Positivity Corner - Everybody needs to look on the bright side every once in a while and this is our reminder to do just that.

Reader Questions - This is where you come in. Hit us up with the questions you’d like us to answer and provided we haven’t covered that topic already (or within the last few podcasts), we’ll give you our best answers. Ask some real great ones because Kyle loves the real great ones.

We’ll be recording late this evening, so get your questions in prior to about 10pm and then be on the lookout for the episode to drop tomorrow morning. Thanks and LGRW!