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Listen to WIIM Radio: The Season Warmup Edition

Hackers Gather For Annual CCC Congress Photo by Patrick Lux/Getty Images

Welcome to the newest WIIM Radio! This time around we’ve got me, Kyle and Jeff working through our Red Wings feelings. Here’s what we got into:

The Prospects Tourney - The Wings’ kids ended up taking 6th, but had trouble in the small sample. The standouts we were looking for did decently well, even though we’re sure they’re disappointed in how they did.

Training Camp - We break down the reasoning for the team breakdown and how we’re actually really excited about camp starting and hockey season ramping up, but also the worry about Svechnikov starting off on the B-team.

Sheahan/Athanasiou - Will the Wings move out Sheahan to make space for AA? Is AA’s holdout ever going to end? What about the idea of trading Sheahan to Pittsburgh? All this and more!

Positivity Corner - I love Jeff’s segue into this section. That is all.

Season Outlook - A quick look around the league and the division has us prognosticating on whether the Wings can avoid the Atlantic basement, how good the Stars really are, and what’s up in Washington.

Reader Questions - Not too many questions for this one, but the quality was real high, so we got some pretty good discussion going based off what you asked.

You can listen via the embedded player above or download directly from our Blogtalk Radio page. For advanced users, try the brain-slug version!

As always, WIIM Radio is rated R for language and unclean lab equipment.