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Fer Sure Mailbag: Episode 6 - Kate Frese

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Travis Konecny’s first NHL goal of 2016
Kate Frese

We are getting ready to record Episode 6 of our NHL podcast “Fer Sure: A 200 Foot Podcast.” If you missed the last episode, you can catch up here.

Please remember that our podcast is dedicated to the entire NHL and that we may not get to all (or any) of the questions. We will certainly try!

Our guest for this episode is Kate Frese. Here is her bio:

Kate is a professional photographer based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, who specializes in sports photography, especially ice hockey. Coming from a fine art background, sports photography was something she decided to give a shot when it was time to figure out what she wanted to do with her BFA in Photography once she graduated. She landed an internship with a magazine in Philly that covered pro sports and it clicked instantly. Kate feels that her love for sports and quick reaction combined with her art education is what makes her a successful sports photographer. She has covered the NHL, MLS, MLL, NCAA and will soon add NFL to the list. You can see her portfolio on her website at

Here is a link to some of her photos from a Flyers - Red Wings game last season.

Also, the photo you see at the top of this article was taken by Kate.

I asked her to be on the show because I loved her NHL pictures, and I’m looking forward to hearing about viewing hockey from a different perspective than I experience. Please send in questions for Kate in the comments, or you can also tweet questions to us here.

Look for Episode 6 in your podcast feeds and this website Monday morning.