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Quick Hits: The Alles Gut Edition

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Detroit Red Wings v Boston Bruins Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

In Red Wings Land

Notes: Daley gets adjusted to new team and defense partner in DeKeyser |
Dana Wakiji's camp notes include a lot of quotes from the players, especially Trevor Daley on his expectations on being paired with DeKeyser and the adjustment to the Wings' system. The big concern here is that they're already limiting Kronwall's minutes and talking about taking it day-by-day. This is the first time the team is skating all summer and there's already a guy holding a spot on the top power play unit for a player who has to take training camp easy. I know I've talked about going in positive, but forgive me about the red flags popping up here.

Around the League

Alex Ovechkin gives up 2018 Olympics dream in heartfelt statement -
Ovi was the huge wildcard in the Olympic decision in regards to whether or not he'd go and then the Russian Federation told him not to even bother, so instead of making it a season-long storyline, he got out on top of things and put out what's a pretty strongly-worded statement accepting that the decision has been made and also the truth that the decision sucks. Of course, anything coming from a member of a Leonsis team kind of feels like PR theater at this point, but screw it, I like Ovechkin and I feel he's at least being genuine here.