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Quick Hits: The Shakedown Edition

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Halloween intruder

In Red Wings Land

Rink upgrades needed for Red Wings to stay in Traverse City - The Detroit News
Apparently the boards and netting in Traverse City aren't up to protocol and unless these improvements happen, the prospects tourney/camp is headed to the brand new LCA practice rink. To be honest, this sounds very much like the Wings having the league play the bad guys for forcing them to make a move that it feels they would want to make, or to force the folks in Traverse City to pay what should be pocket change for the eight NHL teams who send their prospects there to pony up.

EDIT: This post from the Traverse City Record Eagle has a lot more “meat” in it from the director of the Centre Ice arena in regards to the specifics of what are asked, the fear about moving the tourney, and the realities about what would entice them to commit/find the funds for the upgrades.

Around the League

NHL PTO tracker 2017: All of the tryout deals in one place -
It's interesting to see all the names of players you recognize who are now reduced to competing on camp PTOs looking for an NHL job this season. Best name is Scooter Vaughan though. That's a pro-golfer name if I've ever heard one.