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Quick Hits: The “(No) Troughs in Their Heads!” Edition

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Notting Hill Prepares To Welcome Carnival-goers This Weekend Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images

In Red Wings Land

This isn’t a major article or anything, but some people will be really psyched for this.

48 Public Restrooms in Little Caesars Arena.

0 troughs.


Around the NHL

25 Things I Learned at BioSteel Camp: 'Crazy' to see Marleau in Toronto -

Definitely some interesting things in this article. Not exactly on the level of Friedman’s 30 Thoughts (soon to be 31 Thoughts), but still pretty good. If you didn’t know I love Josh Ho-Sang, now you do. Some great stuff from him in here.

The Islanders rookie was asked for his thoughts on the franchise’s arena uncertainty.

“Give me a sheet of ice and a jersey and I’m happy,” he said. “Hockey is my first love.”

He also talks about his first NHL goal.

If you play fantasy hockey (I know, I know, nobody cares about your fantasy hockey team, I know), you should think about Ho-Sang as a late round sleeper pick.