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Joe Hicketts, Gustav Nyquist for Red Wings impress in 6-5 loss against Penguins

Detroit Red Wings v Toronto Maple Leafs Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

Through the magic of the Internet, we were able to get a look at some preseason action between the Penguins and Red Wings Wednesday night.

Here’s what we saw...

  • The Red Wings got on the board first on a power-play goal by Darren Helm, assisted by Gustav Nyquist, and Xavier Ouellet. I missed this goal because The magic of the Internet is not so magical after all. (but still pretty magical)
  • This new face-off rule the NHL is trying is a complete unmitigated disaster. Players have no idea what they’re supposed to be doing, and it’s causing a lot of confusion. Additionally, they’re calling it a “delay of game,” which is cute because players getting called for a nonsensical made-up penalty then standing there staring at the referee, wondering what the hell just happened doesn’t delay the game at all. No, this is fine. Just what we wanted.
  • Along with the face-off thing, the NHL is cracking down on slashing. Great! Slashing sucks, and it hurts like hell — but we’re going to have to send our zebras to slashing school to learn what that is. There were seven penalties in the first period.
    S E V E N. I N. T H E. F I R S T. P E R I O D.
    Four of them were slashing calls. This is also fine.
  • I forgot about Trevor Daley. Hey, isn’t this his old team? I’ll bet he feels weird.
  • Funny I should mention Daley, the Penguins opened the second period with two goals in the opening minute. Daley looked particularly bad on the first one. I don’t think he’ll be fixing Danny DeKeyser.
  • You should really watch Joe Hicketts’ beautiful set-up to Gustav Nyquist’s goal.. I mean wow:
  • Oh, look! There’s Tom McCollum.. I wonder what he’s doing h— oh. Yeah, forgot about that, too.
  • The Wings allowed like, four goals, where the shooter was left right in front of the net at point-blank range. I hope they fix that!
  • I still have a tough time believing that Greg McKegg is a real name.
  • Seriously, you should watch Joe Hicketts and Gustav Nyquist make power-play magic again (this was a game-tying PP goal with two minutes left in the third):
  • That game-tying goal would send it to overtime, which was promptly ended by Justin Schultz (a defenseman, not a forward) scoring a breakaway goal! Oh, Tom!!!

We saw a lot of stuff tonight, but making headlines has to be the efforts from Joe Hicketts and Gustav Nyquist. Hicketts looked like a pro on the blue-line. He did a wonderful job in the QB role, as you can see in the GIFs I posted above.

Nyquist was a force all game long — two goals, and two assists for him. Definitely a sight for sore eyes after his production dipped last season. Other players that impressed were David Booth, and Tomas Tatar. Tatar hasn’t lost a step, he’s still just as shifty and speedy. I’m excited he’s staying around.

Biggest bummer of the game was getting reminded that we traded to get Tom McCollum back. I don’t get that, because Justin Schultz looked like he could have scored that game-winner skating backwards with a blindfold on. I know it’s just a conditional pick, but it’s still a bad look. If you’re wondering about Jimmy Howard, I thought he looked pretty good. Same ol’ Jimmy.. Solid, and consistent. We’ll see where the team goes with the next preseason game, but I’m still waiting to see more out of players like Evgeny Svechnikov, who is among other names.

FINAL: 6-5, Penguins (OT)
SOG: 35-35
More stats available here