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Quick Hits: Too Early For Trades Edition

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Ottawa Senators v Detroit Red Wings Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

In Red Wings Land

Toronto Maple Leafs: Trade Targeting Veteran Mike Green | Andrew Boehmer,

It still feels a little early for major trade speculation, but that’s exactly what we have already. Hey, if the Toronto Maple Leafs want to take a stab at buying Mike Green from us, I wouldn’t turn down some of their prospects or picks. I hear that Auston Matthews kid has ‘bust’ written all over him, I’m sure he could be tossed into the deal...

Around The League

NBC Gives Symbollic Middle Finger To NHL After Olympic Call | Larry Brooks, Slap Shots/New York Post

Maybe Bettman will get the message now? Probably not... but one can hope. The Olympics are a HUGE ratings and international draw, and the exposure is unparralleled. In a world where everything is treated as a bargaining chip, is it really right to do so?