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Quick Hits: The Consequences for Questionable LTIR Edition

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Tampa Bay Lightning v Detroit Red Wings Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

In Red Wings Land

Ryan’s Sproul’s battle for Red Wings’ roster spot begins Monday | Ansar Khan

Ryan Sproul gets his first shot in preseason action tonight when the Red Wings welcome the Pittsburgh Penguins to the LCA. Sproul needs to have tremendous games when he gets the opportunity if he wants to make the squad. He’s sitting eighth on the depth chart and will need to pass either Ouellet or Jensen to claim a spot. Both of those guys are having solid preseasons, which only makes Sproul’s task even harder. Khan floats the idea of a trade, which is a good idea. If Sproul is waived, there’s a solid chance he gets picked up by somebody willing to take a gamble on him.

Around the League

What happens if the NHL decides Lupul, Hossa can’t be placed on LTIR? | Jared Clinton

Lupul and Hossa are both on LTIR. For Lupul, this a source of frustration, and in the case of Hossa it is extremely convenient financially for the Hawks. This is drawing the league into questioning the Leafs and Hawks about exactly how incapable of playing Hossa and Lupul actually are. This puts Zetterberg’s earlier comments about retiring in two years(ish) in a different light. If the league begins to crack down on the details of LTIR situations then Zetterberg may be compelled to play out his entire contract.