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Quick Hits: The No Progress Edition

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Detroit Red Wings v Calgary Flames Photo by Derek Leung/Getty Images

In Red Wings Land

Nothing but silence since Andreas Athanasiou meeting with Detroit Red Wings | Helene St. James

Helene reports that there is nothing to report regarding #AthanasiouWatch2017, but she does bring up an interesting point about Martin Frk at the end of the article. Frk has been having a great preseason, and has spent some time on a line with Larkin and Mantha. Frk may hurt Athanasiou’s bargaining position as he proves himself to be worthy of a third line/secondary scoring role. Frk’s not the player Athanasiou is, but he’s a reasonable replacement if it really comes down to it.

Around the NHL

Flames president says team is becoming a have-not in the NHL economy | Ken King

Now that a new arena deal to replace the Saddledome has fallen through in Calgary, a more subtle lamenting of the possibility of relocation rears its head. Sorry, Flames; the mayor of Calgary isn’t going to have Calgarians subsidizing a new arena. The Saddledome is an old arena and does need to be replaced, but the public and politicians in power seem firm in standing against public subsidization. If the Flames’ ownership wants a new arena, they’re going to have to pay for it themselves. Who knows? Maybe they start a trend of sports teams not gouging the public to finance arenas.