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Quick Hits: The Melanerpes Formicivorus Edition

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Jesse Tyler Ferguson Visits Universal Orlando Resort Photo by Robert Gonzalez/ Universal Orlando Resort via Getty Images

In Red Wings Land

Red Wings’ top pick Michael Rasmussen maximizing his first NHL camp I Ansar Khan

As Ansar Khan notes, Michael Rasmussen has had a pretty solid camp so far. It’s great to see that he is acclimating so well, especially because he was sidelined for months with an injury. On top of that, he is laying to rest the critics who hold that he’s a one-dimensional net front player. He’ll be back in the Western Hockey League with the Tri-City Americans in a few days, but if he can have a great year with the Americans then making the Red Wings next year isn’t totally out of the question.

Around the League

Concussion research is venturing into weird and interesting territory | Ryan Kennedy

This is too wild not to talk about. Bauer has created a neck collar to help reduce concussions. Research included in the design focused on studying woodpeckers, a creature with hollow bones that beats its head against trees for a living. I guess if a woodpecker can manage to not concuss itself literally every day of its life, it stands to reason that we could learn something about protecting the human skull from the birds.