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Quick Hits: The Know-the-Rules-to-Break-Them Edition

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Detroit Red Wings v Florida Panthers Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

In Red Wings Land

Red Wings expect some injured players back this week | Ansar Khan

The Red Wings’ bumped and bruised veterans may finally get to see some action in the preseason as the week comes to a close. Zetterberg (neck), Abdelkader (groin), and Kronwall (back) are all considered possible or probable to fit into the line up Friday against the Leafs. Also, looks like Rasmussen will be in Detroit for the remaining games. The front office and coaching staff must like what they’re seeing. I know I do.

Around the League

Report: Jaromir Jagr will begin 2017-18 season playing for his own team in Czech Republic | Cody Benjamin

A sad moment for Jagr’s career. No flash for where it seems to be headed: the end of his NHL career. If the Wings were’t in cap hell, I’d love to see him in a Red Wings sweater. He did a lot of good in Florida and I was amazed they opted not to bring him back. There’s still a chance an NHL takes him in, so fingers crossed.


The League has updated the coach’s challenge to call for an offsides review. If a team is wrong, they’ll now be penalized at the price of a 2-minute minor. You can read the official press release below:



NEW YORK (Sept. 27, 2017) – The National Hockey League’s Board of Governors today approved a change to the Coach’s Challenge Rule (Rule 78.7), which will provide for the assessment of a two-minute minor penalty for unsuccessful Coach’s Challenges to alleged Off-Side infractions leading to goals.

The penalty for the unsuccessful off-side challenge replaces the loss of a team’s time-out – which had been in place since the implementation of the Coach’s Challenge in 2015. Under the revised rule, a team does not have to possess its time-out in order to issue a challenge on the particular play – nor will it forfeit its time-out in the event of an unsuccessful challenge.

Rule 78.7(b) now will read:

b) If the result of the challenge is that the play was on-side, the goal shall count and the team that issues the challenge shall be assessed a minor penalty for delaying the game.