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Winging it in Motown BOLD Predictions 2017-18: Team Lindsay

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It’s that time of year again! Time for our writers to make some BOLD predictions about the upcoming hockey season. If you haven’t experienced this series before, our writers break into groups of three or four, and each make five BOLD predictions for the 2017-18 season. We then respond to our other group members’ predictions.

Last year, Jeff and I (Peter) tied for first place with 3 predictions each. It was only fair, however, for Jeff to be named the victor since I had two predictions that were were way off compared to his one. This year, of course, all our predictions will be correct.

Feel free to put your own predictions in the comments and/or respond to our predictions in the comment sections.

Today’s group is Mike B, Josh P, and Robert H (edubbnaz)

Enjoy their predictions, and come back tomorrow for our second group of picks!


1. The Red Wings will lead the Atlantic on Halloween night.

Robert: In breakaways off of defensemen turnovers surrendered

Josh: In lottery odds

2. Mickey Redmond will comment on how, in contrast to the old days at the Olympia, a lot more food than just hot dogs are available to buy at the LCA. He will do this more than ten times.

Robert: At least four times he will be eating a hot dog while saying it

Josh: And will mention how good hot dogs go with a ginger ale after the game each time

3. Tatar and Nyquist will combine for 60 goals this year.

Robert: Helene will still call them out

Josh: And then be benched for a mistake in their own end

4. The Winnipeg Jets will win a playoff series.

Robert: Against the Chicago Blackhawks

Josh: And then be swept by the Coyotes to the delight of their fanbase

5. The Red Wings will play spoiler to the Islanders in the last game of the season, torpedoing New York's playoff hopes.

Robert: By winning in 15th round of the shootout on a backhand goal by Luke Glendening

Josh: And Tavares will be thinking about getting used to the LCA


1. The Red Wings will have a winning record at home this season

Mike: All Hot-and-Ready's are instantly transformed into pineapple pizzas, because signing a pact with the devil is the only way this happens.

Josh: Going 10-0 in the shootout on home ice

2. Three defensemen that start the season in Grand Rapids will finish the season in Detroit

Mike: When the Wings' blue line gets hit with a late-season outbreak of mumps.

Josh: None of whom will be to fill in for Ericsson

3. Eight Red Wings will score 15+ goals, one will be a defenseman and one will be Justin Abdelkader

Mike: Mike Green would have scored 30, but 15 of those were banked off Abdelkader. The Wings suffer at the trade deadline.

Josh: Glendening will be another, 14 of which are on the backhand, 1 off his head

4. Evgeny Svechnikov will play more games for the Red Wings than Luke Witkowski

Mike: Soon as the Wings get pushed around by the Kings or Bruins, fans will be clamoring for Svech to sit so we can get some grit in the lineup.

Josh: But be on a line with Glendening and Sheahan and used in a defensive role

5. Anthony Mantha will lead the team in goals but will fall one short of 30

Mike: Also would have had 30, but Abdelkader is going to steal one of Mantha's, too.

Josh: The diggers will question his effort level on why he didn't get there


1. Athanasiou signs in November, still scores 20

Mike: FTFY: Scores 2.0 million dollars on his contract.

Robert: In the KHL and Olympics

2. Zetterberg plays 78+ games, leads team with 70+ points

Mike: The people who make age-based regression models will then start bleeding from their eyes.

Robert: This would spell really good news for Tatar and Nyquist

3. Wings finish 10th in the conference, but win a lottery position

Mike: Every fan outside Detroit will be livid about the NHL's alleged Detroit bias. I'm down.

Robert: Fans wonder why the Wings are even in the MegaMillions

4. Mantha and Larkin finish #1 and #2 in even strength goals on the team

Mike: But never enough in one game to land the fans any curly fries (is that still a thing? Tell me it's still a thing)

Robert: The Wings still finish last in the NHL in even strength goals

5. Mrazek has bounce back season, plays 50+ games due to Howard injury, save % above .920

Mike: In Calgary.

Robert: This would make trading him at the draft even more likely