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Quick Hits: The Youngsters Edition

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Detroit Red Wings v Chicago Blackhawks Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

In Red Wings Land

The Wings have been sharing prospect reports on kids via Twitter recently which include snippets from Todd Nelson, Jiri Fischer, and Shawn Horcoff. In the Hicketts video, you can see there’s a lot of praise for the kid being put atop an unspoken concept of “yeah... but his size.” You can contrast it to the Tyler Bertuzzi one they put up on Saturday where Horcoff says he believes Lil’ Bert will start the season up in the NHL this year.

Around the League

Mother of young Calgary hockey player said daughter refuses to wear ‘discriminatory’ jersey | Calgary Herald
This one’s a tangle of odd considerations around a topic that seems it could have been made less of an issue before it hit the Calgary Herald. Apparently, the family petitioned to let a seven-year old play for a different team because they were in a gray area, but were told no. It seems it would have been easier to just let the kid play for the Bruins, but doubling down on telling somebody they should feel honored by something which bothers them is gross. I get the concept that you can’t just change every logo because one person complains (because then you’d get shitty crybabies pretending they’re offended just to “prove a point”), but this seems like a topic that’s gotten enough pushback around where the concept of “nobody else seems to mind” isn’t a very good defense.

Bonus Link

Sunday Q and A: Red Wings executive Kris Draper – The Athletic (PAYWALL)
Craig Custance had a sit down with assistant-to-the-GM Kris Draper (not to be confused with assistant GM Ryan Martin) to talk about his job, the Athanasiou situation, Dylan Larkin's work ethic, and the Rasmussen pick. It's interesting that he specifically mentions Vilardi and Tippett in regards to their discussion. Nothing Earth-shattering in here for those non-subscribers, but interesting stuff.