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P.A. Parenteau Coming to Red Wings Camp on PTO

This is the potential Athanasiou hedge move. Ugh.

New York Rangers v New Jersey Devils Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

P. A. Parenteau has accepted an offer to attend Red Wings training camp on a PTO (paid try-out) basis.

This is a lot different than the PTO extended to David Booth. Booth has little to no chance of making the Red Wings. But Parenteau could.

In 59 games for the New Jersey Devils last season, he had 13 goals and 14 assists. He was traded to the Nashville Predators and only had one assist in 8 games for the Preds.

He scored 20 goals the year before in Toronto.

Parenteau is at or near the end of his career most likely, but he can still score goals in the NHL.

I’m an optimist. I can’t help it. But this is the first piece of information that has me genuinely worried that the Red Wings think that Andreas Athanasiou will sign in the KHL, and they are looking for a (hopefully) short-term replacement.

Up until now, the stories have been based on comments by Athanasiou’s agent, whose best interest is to say that Athanasiou is likely to go to the KHL, since that’s his only leverage.

This could be nothing, but it would also make sense as a hedge move for the Red Wings in case Athanasiou does sign overseas. He made 1.25M on his last contract (one year).

It could be a coincidence. I’m still waiting to see what happens before I get angry. But like I said above, this is the first move by either side that feels like more to me than posturing. I hope I’m wrong.