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Detroit Red Wings Player Preview: Tomas Tatar

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Tampa Bay Lightning v Detroit Red Wings Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Last Season:

Last season Tomas Tatar was one of the better forwards on the Detroit Red Wings. Despite scoring 25 goals he had his up and down stretches, going from ice cold to red hot. This would be an area he needs to improve in.

He had just four goals through his first 31 games. This was at the time it mattered the most and when the team had a chance to earn points when they mattered most. He scored most of his goals when it was clear the team would not be making the playoffs

2017-18 Preview:

Fresh off a four year contract extension, Tomas Tatar is looking to improve on his team leading 25 goal season. He even needs to finally score a career high and eclipse the 30 goal mark.

He is now the second highest paid forward at $5.3 million a season, behind captain Henrik Zetterberg.

Consistency is the key and if he can get that going, Tatar has the chance to make a significant impact on this Red Wings team and lift them back into the playoff, while easily getting over that 30 goal mark.

30 goals or more should be the expectation for Tatar. He is a very good and skilled hockey player and at 26, Tatar is entering the prime of his career where he should and is expected to take it to the next level.

For Tatar, getting off to a better start is a priority this season. The Wings need a veteran to help get them going into a direction of success right off the first faceoff and Tatar is that guy. I expect him to do that while personally having the best season of his career. Which will hopefully translate into team success for everyone.

Bottom Line:

The Detroit Red Wings will be leaning on and expecting more from Tatar. He received the new contract and must continue to show improvement. He is a good player but now Tatar needs to move himself into a great player.

We know he can score and in order to take his game to the next level, Tatar needs to show us night in and night out he is a difference maker when the points count and the Wings have a change to gain a playoff spot.

Finally we will need to see him carry a team through a playoff series. For the Red Wings’ sake, hopefully Tatar will get the chance to prove that this coming season.