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Quick Hits: The Hey Now, You’re An All-Star Snub Edition

Plus, do the Golden Knights need to change their team name?

KAABOO Del Mar Photo by Gary Miller/Getty Images

The Red Wings are on their bye week, so enjoy some extra quick hitting stories from the rest of the NHL.

Around the League

Mike Green might be an all-star, but these guys aren’t...

Phil Kessel, Vladimir Tarasenko, Jonathan Marchessault among most egregious All-Star snubs | ESPN

First Kessel was snubbed of the Conn Smythe and now the face of America misses out on the NHL All-Star game.


I think it’s lame that Marchessault isn’t going and, bringing things back home, Dylan Larkin should be the Red Wings representative. I understand that there are only so many forward spots on the Atlantic Division team, so the league had to make some decisions to ensure each team was represented. It just sucks that the Wings best player isn’t getting the recognition he might deserve. The good news is that Larkin is still very young and there are plenty of all-star game nods in his future.

Army Officially Opposes Vegas Golden Knights Trademark |

It’s hard to predict where this will end up, Army seems pretty upset about the whole thing and they appear to have ample evidence that the hockey club intentionally built their brand around theirs even using the same name as one of their sports clubs.

I think this story is fascinating. How does Bill Foley and the NHL even let this get as far as it has? I’m not a legal expert by any means, but how do you not cross all your t’s and dot all your i’s and take care of all the potential legal stuff before announcing the team name? It’s going to be fun to watch the Vegas Golden Knights have this amazing inaugural season and then change their name the night before they raise their Stanley Cup banner.