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Quick Hits: The Trading Tomas Tatar Edition

Detroit Red Wings v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Len Redkoles/NHLI via Getty Images

In Red Wing Land

Dreger Report: Examining ‘own rentals’ and players in play | TSN

Darren Dreger talks about the usual Red Wings trade deadline names — Mike Green and Petr Mrazek — but also mentions a player I wasn’t really expecting to be brought up around deadline time.

Perhaps the most appealing among the options in Motown is talented winger Tomas Tatar. Tatar scored 25 goals for the Red Wings last season and has three more years remaining on his contract at $5.3 million per. The ask is believed to include a prospect and draft picks as Detroit continues to retool.

With nine draft picks already in the bank, the Red Wings are aiming to add at least another two or three through trades. The team hopes to go into the NHL Draft in Dallas with a dozen picks or more.

Trading Tomas Tatar isn’t a terrible idea. The team just went through re-signing the winger this past offseason, but if you can get a good haul for him then pull the trigger on a deal. The Red Wings realistically won’t be competing for Stanley Cup for a very long time. Stock piling some high end assets could go a long way to speed up the process. I don’t know what’s a realistic return for Tatar... a 1st round pick and mid-level prospect? Is that too crazy of an ask?

Around the League

Cap crunch: The teams set up for long-term success, and the ones that are doomed | NBC Sports

I really don’t want to overstate things here, but the Red Wings are a mess.