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Quick Hits: The Bert’s First Goal Edition

Detroit Red Wings v Chicago Blackhawks Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

In Red Wings Land

Tyler Bertuzzi's first NHL goal borne out of grit

Tyler Bertuzzi’s play so far this season for the Red Wings has been a highlight of a tough season. Ted Kulfan writes about Bertuzzi’s first NHL goal.

Tyler Bertuzzi isn’t going to be the type of player what will skate down the wing and score with a blazing shot, or make a beautiful move and roof it, make any sort of highlight play.

Around the NHL

Penguins star Kevin Stevens's 25-year fight with addiction

Kevin Stevens landing face first, unable to brace his fall because he was already unconscious, in the 1993 playoffs is one of the scariest hockey moments I’ve ever seen.

Dan Robsen has an in-depth look at how painkillers can lead to the destruction of a life, even someone who seemingly has it all.

Bones could be repaired, but the brain was another problem. It was clear that Stevens had suffered trauma to his frontal lobe, but the effects of that damage were much less predictable. Doctors had serious concerns about the impact the injury would have on Stevens’s cognitive ability.

When his teammates visited a couple days later, Stevens’s head was swollen and had tubes running out of it. He remained in the hospital for more than a month, given large doses of painkillers to numb the agony. “It’s really unfortunate that after he got injured against the Islanders, his life went in a different direction,” says Lemieux. “He came out of it after a few months and resumed his career, but he was never the same.”