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Quick Hits: The Energetic Fans Edition

NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins at Detroit Red Wings Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

In Red Wings Land

Red Wings finally feeling home-ice advantage at LCA |
Ansar's writeup of Sunday's game gathers quotes from the team about how much more lively the LCA was this season and how it affected the team. I'm kind of torn on this one because I said something similar about how it made it more fun to watch the game knowing the crowd was excited and having fun, but this also feels a little "rah rah maybe they'd be better if you supported them better" bucket-carrying and I find it extremely difficult to put responsibility for the team's performance on the people who do or do not pay money to watch the professionals work.

I dunno, maybe I'm overthinking it because the players definitely aren't hinting towards this kind of blame, but Ansar writing it up as such does kind of carry the implication.

Around the League

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