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Meh: Red Wings Struggle Through 3-1 Loss to Carolina

Carolina Hurricanes v Detroit Red Wings

Tonight, Detroit is home at the LCA to take on the Hurricanes. The Hurricanes are last in the Metro division. They also have more points than all by three teams in the Atlantic.

First Period

Man! Larkin nearly opened the scoring five seconds into the game as he got by the defense, but couldn’t get a backhand by Cam Ward. Howard makes his first save 1:30 in on a chance that wasn’t too difficult, but Howard looks calm as usual.

Nielsen sets up Booth who comes in from the blue line and drives the net. He tries to stuff it short side, but nothing doing.

Nyquist goes to the box for tripping on Slavin. It wasn’t intentional, but that’s a penalty every time.

Carolina converts in seemingly .2 seconds (really more like 10 seconds). Lindholm tapped in a rebound that Howard had zero chance on. On the play, Danny Dekeyser took a penalty. I’m checking to see if my local liquor store offers a delivery service.

Detroit kills the penalty, and Howard makes a top-notch save as the power play time expires. Jeff Skinner honestly should have scored there. He just had to wait Howard out a split second longer as he skated through the crease, but Howard still gets high marks for that save.

Dylan Larkin gets Detroit’s first shot on goal about 7:30 into the period. So that’s how the game is going so far.

I can never remember if Klas Dahlbeck is an NHL player or a Die Hard henchman.

Howard with a beauty of a kick save with just under 7 minutes left to keep the deficit at 1.

Zetterberg and Nyquist combine for what looked like a sure goal, but Ward robs Zetterberg.

With five minutes left, Carolina leads Detroit 12-5 in shots, and that’s indicative of the play.

Josh Jooris loses and edge and takes out Nielsen’s legs from behind the Red Wing. It looks scary at first, but fortunately it looks like Nielsen is up and OK.

Wow! Mantha flicks the puck to himself to get by the defenseman. He doesn’t score, but he draws a penalty. Detroit goes to its first power play with 4:29 left in the first.

GOAL! Tatar with a one-timer on a Green feed on the Power Play. 1-1

Athanasiou and Bertuzzi nearly combine for a goal with under 10 seconds, but the score remains 1-1 as the period ends.

Second Period

Tatar rings it off the post as the trailer on a nice feed from Booth to open the scoring chances in the second period.

Detroit is increasing the pressure on the Hurricanes, forcing them to move the puck quickly.

Witkowski hits Dahlbeck, and Hans Gruber is NOT amused.

Howard makes another top save with 12 minutes left to keep the score tied. He hasn’t had a ton to do compared to other recent games, but he’s looked sharp.

David Booth nearly goes end-to-end for a goal, and I’m as surprised to type that sentence as you are to read it.

Halfway through the period, Detroit has closed the gap in play between the two teams. They are playing the Hurricanes much closer than earlier in the game.

We are told that Daley has a lower body injury and will not return. I don’t remember seeing him get hurt, but I could have missed it.

Fortunately, Detroit’s version of BSG’s “So say we all” is “Luke Witkowski can play both offense and defense,” so he slots in with Ericsson.

Nyquist goes wide, but throws it in front to Zetterberg. The puck nearly ricochets in for the go-ahead goal. Larkin sets up Green for a one-timer from the point with just under a minute left in the period. Ward makes a pretty easy save.

The period ends with the score still tied 1-1. After being outplayed in the first, Detroit had a better second period.

Third Period

Mantha makes a nice play to get the puck to Zetterberg, who tries a tuck play. Mantha gets the rebound and holds the puck to set up another play. It’s good to see Mantha make that kind of play again. It feels like a while since he has really made a strong move like that.

Larkin’s line (with Athanasiou and Bertuzzi nearly combine for a goal on consecutive rushes. They’ve been the best line for the Wings tonight.

Ouellet sticks his leg out and trips Jeff Skinner. Carolina goes to its second power play of the evening. The call is interference, not tripping, but it doesn’t really matter.

Lindholm with his second of the night, and Carolina is up 2-1. He took ihis own rebound and banks it off Howard’s pants. No Red Wing was close enough to tie him up.

Howard makes a save on Lindholm, although the puck was going wide. Detroit has 11 minutes left to tie the game.

Marty Frk rings one off the goalpost with just under 4 minutes left.

Kronwall and Howard team up to keep Skinner from putting the game away on a 1 on 1 with 3 minutes left.

Detroit forgets how to defense and Justin Williams is wide open to make it 3-1 after a goalmouth scramble.

Carolina takes an offensive zone penalty, but the two goal deficit seems too much to overcome based on the game so far.

Bertuzzi nearly cuts the lead in half off a shot from in front on a rebound.

Detroit can’t get anything done at the end, and Detroit loses 3-1. It was a pretty forgettable game.