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Quick Hits: The Actual Suspension Edition

New Jersey Devils v Boston Bruins

In Red Wings Land

Detroit Red Wings mailbag: Which players are untouchable, tradable? - Freep
I'm always tickled to see somebody mail in a mailbag.

Around the League

31 Thoughts: Canadiens GM Bergevin ready to be active by trade deadline -
No Wings stuff of note, but it's interesting seeing speculation that Joel Quenneville's job might be in jeopardy in Chicago. Of course, that's a team with actual expectations, but it's also shoestring-thin below their top-tier highly-paid players (and without Marian Hossa). Stan Bowman gave Quenneville a bunch of nobodies to fill out the roster and they're playing like a bunch of nobodies. Good.


Brad Marchand suspended for five games - Stanley Cup of Chowder
Color me absolutely shocked that DOPS handed down more than one game to Marchand before the All-Star break and especially while he's still got the repeat offender tag on him. Of course the Dustin Brown fine backlash might be playing into this a little bit, but Marchand is consistently super-dirty and it's nice to see him finally getting more-severe punishments for his cheap shot play.