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Fer Sure Mailbag - Episode 15: Dom Luszczyszyn

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Dom Luszczyszyn - The Athletic

We are getting ready to record Episode 15 of our NHL podcast “Fer Sure: A 200 Foot Podcast.” If you missed the last episode, you can catch up here.

Please remember that our podcast is dedicated to the entire NHL and that we may not get to all (or any) of the questions. We will certainly try!

Our interview guest this time is Dom Luszczyszyn. From his bio at The Athletic:

Dom Luszczyszyn is a national NHL reporter for The Athletic who writes primarily about hockey analytics and new ways of looking at the game. Previously he’s also worked at The Hockey News, The Nation Network, and Hockey Graphs.

Please send in questions in the comments, or you can also tweet questions to us here.

Look for Episode 15 in your podcast feeds and this website Monday morning.